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Volunteer Opportunities

For any Triathlon Club to be successful, volunteering plays such an important role in our organization and the triathlon community.  If you have any time to spare for club activities, hosting a pasta ride, leading a B ride for newbies, beginners and slower riders, or have fun volunteer ideas that you may be able to contribute to, please reach out to us!

Pasta Rides and Weekend Rides "B" Ride Volunteers needed


For upcoming scheduled rides, we need members to step up and volunteer for no-drop rides which includes Monday night pasta rides and weekend rides.  Many newbie riders and slower riders who may not know the Boulder roads, and those that do not want to be left all alone out on some secluded road, won't show up to our rides unless we have support from our more experienced riders willing to step up and hang back for a ride.  This not only shows support for our newbie, beginner and slower rider club members, but also can be a great value to those riders trying to improve.  You can really make a difference and help bring confidence and commaraderie to our triathlon club members.  Please volunteer a date you can be available to lead a "B" ride.  We appreciate it!


Volunteer to Host a Pasta Ride: contact our Social Director Christina Garabedian


To Lead a "B" Ride Volunteer date, contact Volunteer Director Tricia Dixon

Event Volunteers & Community Volunteering


Volunteering for events is such an important part of our triathlon community, and keeps our triathlons safe and successful.  We will try to post upcoming triathlon events that are in need of volunteers.  Feel free to email our Volunteer Director, Tricia Dixon, if your event is in need of volunteers and we will try to announce.


We will also announce any community volunteer opportunities as well, where members can contribute to the many areas of need that could use volunteers and a helping hand.



2014 Track Coach Volunteer Needed


Are you and experienced running coach and interested in leading track workouts once per week for the 2014 year?  Please reach out to our Vice President, Charles Garabedian, if you feel you could commit to the 2014 season weekly track workout.  Also if you know of a school with a nice track that would allow us to have use of their track once per week for the 2014 season, please let us know as well. 

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