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Triathlon Race Day Checklist




✔ Swim Suit


✔ Goggles (clear and metallic)


✔ Wetsuit


✔ For Colder Water Tri's - Booties & Neoprene Swim Cap


✔ Plastic Bag (if you use the plastic bag trick to get your wetsuit on fast)




✔ Bike 


✔ Cycling Shoes


✔ Helmet


✔ Sunglasses


✔ Water Bottle(s)


✔ Bike Tools (Allen Keys)


✔ Bike Bag (Tube, Tire Levers, CO2)


✔ Road ID (Recommended)




✔ Running Shoes


✔ Running Socks (if you wear socks)


✔ Visor/Hat




✔ Transition Towel


✔ Body Glide / Anti Chafe


✔ Gels/Bars/Energy Supplements

  • Bring your own or train with the same product the race will provide


✔ Race Bib Belt


✔ Bike Pump


✔ Sunscreen


✔ Sunglasses


✔ USAT Card


✔ Change of Clothes

Triathlon Swim: What is "Spotting"


Here is a link to a resource with some great resouces for Triathlon Newbies, including Triathlon Swim "Spotting" ....

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