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Boulder Triathlon Club Mentorship Program

Welcome to the wonderful world of Triathlon!!! Boulder Triathlon Club mentor program is a totally free option for any member of the Club aimed primarily at beginners and newcomers to the triathlon world, but also for developing athletes who want to get to the next level. The aim of the program is to pair up an experienced club member (Mentor) with a beginner (Mentee), not as a coaching program (these are available through our club partners) but as an advice and support network to help and guide a new comer to the world of triathlon.


The Boulder Triathlon Club has regular group training sessions that all members are welcome to join. We will also be hosting some triathlon workshops for beginners to help you get to your first race and encourage all the beginner mentees to attend these to meet your fellow new-bees and take on the challenge together.





For immediate information, feel free to contact our Mentor / Junior Director, Russell Herbert



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